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I thought I would give a short overview of what I sort of wanted each of my distinct comic stories to be about. They all exist within the same universe and are ultimately tied to each other in both direct ways and in ways that have many degrees of separation. Something that ties more than a few of the major points in either a comic's plot or some of the characters' histories revolves around a fairly obscured and incredibly powerful group known only as "The Vigil".

Another team known as the 'Invictus' plays a roll in more than a few individual character's histories but is more of background group as well.

Short overview of non-central, supporting groups within these story lines:

Invictus - A well established, well trained and organized group of meta-humans and mutants that has has existed in many variations for the past few decades in the world the comics take place in. Anyone that has ever shared their ranks is considered by most in the super-hero 'trade' to be a veteran of the crime fighting scene. Think Avengers, think JLA; they are 'A-Team' heroes in these comics. I specifically wanted to avoid telling the story of this world's 'A-team' and thus generally only bring them into a situation through their connection to specific people (Like Tara Illias during her time with them) or issues (Like dealing with the Immortals during their fairly impotent early years). I was having fun with the names for many of these guys, sort of making a subtle joke by using a lot of alias that were somewhat superlative in nature, as many players on comic A-teams tend to all be laughably/frustratingly OP (especially the JLA) and these guys alias were somewhat of a ribbing about that. (eg: Prime, Pinnacle, Paragon, Apex, Psion, Prominence, Hyper)

Aegis - A top secret UN funded and sanctioned agency that is primarily concerned with meta-human, mutant, magical and when applicable, extraterrestrial activity. They study and record all known incidents as well as analyze how to better create a general stability between the 'powered' populations and humanity at large as well as work to contain or eliminate any threat deemed to be to grievous to be allowed free reign to be sorted out. They are however very much a compromise to what some of the more extreme suggestions as to what sort of agency should be created to deal with the 'powered' population; with little regard to relations between the two. The leadership of Aegis is well aware of this situation, and by direct consequence the importance of their performance in continuing to maintain relative peace. Even still, most members of Aegis are not necessarily those with bleeding hearts for the 'powers' side, but carefully selected for their mostly unbiased approached to a very delicate balancing act.

Providence - A group of like-minded mutants under the leadership of a exceptionally powerful, intelligent and charismatic mutant Samuel Hileos, more commonly known by the alias 'Omen'. Generally antagonistic, their view is that the chance for peace for humanity has not just passed, but never existed to begin with because of their collective belief that humans are incapable of sharing the world with anything or anyone different from themselves.The believe that to protect themselves and their race from eventual extermination they must always have a strong show of force ready and should the mass of humanity show its 'true colors' that they would not hesitate to respond in kind.

The Vigil - Neigh omnipotent beings that rose from highly varied backgrounds to their current state. They rarely exert direct influence in any situation, but do not completely avoid dealing with people of the lower existence and tend to pull strings when they see a benefit for the greater good. Their plans often seem convoluted to anyone that tries to view them in the short term as they often stretch a span of generations, if not longer, and are rarely even close to direct in their implementation. Though they have a general rule of minimal involvement and are obviously bound by a very strict set of rules by which they are allowed to deal with mortals or even immortals of lower power. It is stated more than once that direct involvement without some sort of equivalent exchange on the part of a mortal (which are often incredibly steep in the smallest examples) is absolutely forbidden.

Story Concepts (basic premises, no outlines)

Give Me Shelter/Seek Shelter (name subject to change):
This was the first group of original story characters I had worked on when I was a still quite young and thus they have gone through countless changes and re-workings as I grew up and began to attempt to refine my character models, story concepts and tried for a more sophisticated intertwining of the two. (an example would be that one of the characters (Cabron) went through a great variety of changes in such that she in no way resembles the same character I had originally started with and who's entire concept has been scrapped at least two times).

It quickly became clear as I was working over character and major plot point ideas that this group's story needed to less about superheroes gallivanting around and more about a group of fairly young individuals dealing with their fragile situation. Six of the group represent a new wave of mutant kind in more ways than one. On top of that alone painting a giant target on their backs for those who seek to act on their xenophobic hatreds; of the six, five remain the only dubbed 'successes' of series of forced experiments during a project known as 'Omega' funded in secret by the 'Eden Organization'. These left them with their initial powers developed beyond what they should for their age and secondary mutations provoked into fruition during the project, with both manipulated to continue increasing at a extraordinary rate as they age. As one might expect, any group of people with such investments sunk into these kids and plans for them would not be happy that they were taken from them.

These five aren't so much in a group of superheroes set on saving the world or even fighting crime on the street as they are finding safety in numbers. The other members in the group are mostly those who saved them from the Omega facility to begin with. The group itself was the brainchild of a few 'supers' looking to protect the kids from things they really shouldn't have to deal with at their age. Even though their power for their age is formidable and they are anticipated to be neigh forces of nature once they are older, they are still just kids for the time.

And thus while the comic would have its fair share of super powered standoffs and throw downs in my initial plans: it is more about the protagonists dealing with powers that once felt like a part of them and that helped to define them that now feel foreign and hard to control after the unnatural growth applied to them. The inevitability higher number of run ins they will have with those who want to persecute them for who they are, and simply trying to stay out harms way. They are dealing with re-defining who they see themselves as, who the world sees them as, interacting with each other and just surviving the onslaught of their situation.


The Immortals:
The Immortals are a team put together in the comic's continuity as an attempt by Aegis (acting on an international think tank's idea) to form a group to act as a sort of calming or placating presence in the global relations between mutants and humans. Aegis decided to put the team into construction after the stand offish situation between mutants and humans due to actions on both sides in a year or so prior. Comprised almost entirely of people of some sort of influence or good standing in the opinion of the general population or the children of those who are; formed of mutant, meta-human and considerably more 'human' members. Though not necessarily Aegis' main purpose, the team was initially designed (by the group Aegis took the idea from) as a sort of 'golden boy' or 'boy scout' team that could be a poster child for 'the good mutants'. The concept was picked up on by and not received well by the meta-human and mutant community, whom were fairly insulted by the idea that there needed to be a team that was a full of people who were 'credits to their race'.

Even still, those who joined the group did so with the best intentions. Per the request of Zephyr, the individual chosen as the 'official' leader for the group, almost as many members of the group were chosen by her as were pulled from the list put together by the committee that instigated the founding of the group. Many of those she picked, she did so specifically as a counter to balance the personalities of those she did not not a get a say in choosing.

The comic was actually planned to span many years in the realm of the comic's world, with more than a few major changes in group make up. I wanted to allow the reader to see the group as they evolved from a figureheads that spent most of their time dealing with inter and intra-group politics and egos that kept them from truly being the team they need to be; to a group rivaling the Ravagers in their respect among those in their community and the world at large and to eventually have the torch of being the 'world's team' passed to them, with more than a few bumps along the way.

I meant this comic to be sort of a mixture of comedy and serious situations and events, allowing for a bit of a lighthearted feel in between some of the events that would actually shape the team and cause the characters to grow, change and mature. The primary focus of the group's efforts are towards other powered individuals misusing their powers as well as more seriously dangerous opponents.


The only of my three groups at the center of a story that could be considered a 'proper' group of crime fighters from the start, which is ironic considered they are most likely the least 'powerful' of the three as a whole group (and I had always planned on this). They are basically on the same level of professionalism and experience as the Ravagers and yet achieve more for the 'betterment' of the world than most groups, even them. They would infamous among countries and villains alike if they didn't stalwartly keep their presence from the public eye and remove virtually all traces of themselves and their actions. The hunters, or a team like them, has been around in this worlds' continuity for a long time; longer than the Ravagers by a good margin, but always in the shadows and always in near total anonymity/obscurity. The concept of this team carried on to each generation by the leader of the group, Feral, who is older than most might believe.

The idea that the Hunters operate on at their core is what tends to separate them from the majority of super hero groups. Their mode of operations is to work entirely out of the spot light, and their targets are rarely superhuman. Their rules of engagement are more utilitarian and severe than most are used to from such a group:
-They operate in complete secrecy for the sake of their work.
-Their focus has always been on the greater good and the bigger evils.
-They concern themselves with the truly damaging acts and corrupting factors, such as vile trades and influences that exist in the world of man.
Less concerned with the flailing around of a single 'super' that destroys a house or even a city block; they a constantly tearing and hacking at the networks of the black markets, dismantling slave and drug trades and other such things.
In the words of Feral, "These people and acts do more real damage and evil in a week than most super villains ever do. The petty super-villains can wait. We cast a wide net on the first pass, once you've cleared out the scum the smaller ones can have their turn. Most 'heroes' are too busy trying to make a gallant show of killing a shark; I care less for the shark eating a fish or two while a school of piranha several hundred large strips the food chain bare. The evil that lies in the hearts of humanity is far greater than any care to admit for fear of lending credence to the darkness in their own soul. We are not the jailers of super villains, we are the hunters of the evils of men."
If this team had a theme song it would probably be 'Short Change Hero' by The Heavy

Members of the the Hunters' 'roster' come from many walks of life, but all share the same idea of how their work should be conducted: purposely away from the spotlight, strike quickly and precisely from the shadows and then return to them. Leave the enemy grasping at straws as to whom you are, how you tore their operation apart and how to possibly stop you; most importantly never, ever let them know who you or the Hunters are. Deal with the big problems first, then deal with the smaller problems. Don't leave 'calling cards' or messages unless for the purposes of misdirection, you leave the target destroyed and nothing else.
Due to these tenants the Hunters tend to deal less with powered individuals and more with the underbelly of the world: hit men, drug lords, terrorists, slave traffickers and are a constant thorn in the side of a group known as 'The Shadow'. They are a group of wealthy and intelligent individuals that have deep roots and interests in the black market and with certain power structures staying as they are around the world. They all follow the lead of a mysterious figure known as the Queen of Shadows (whom is essentially an entity that was known as Eris to the Greeks and occupied a similar identity in other mythologies, feeding off strife) who seems to feed them power as payment for their loyalty and service. They all of them have shadow based magical abilities, the most prominent of which is to manifest their inner soul as a spirit-like guardian.

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